Two new songs released this week!

“The Beast & Get Off The Stage available now to stream”

It seems due to this never ending world of Lockdowns I’m having more time for hobbies (which is great!).

This in mind I’ve managed to finish two new projects.

The Beast

“The Beast” is a deep and dark track in which I have tried to recreate the old horror/sci-fi vibe. A bass driven track which gives subtle but interesting changes throughout.

The vocals were recorded by my Wife to which I then altered the pitch down to make it extra spooky!

You can listen here.

Get Off The Stage.

“Get off the stage” is a Groovy/Jazzy comedy track. The lyrics are very crude but very humorous, hence the explicit 18+ tag.

Complementary to the lyrics is a fun and catchy melody. I won’t spoil any surprises but it changes up a bit half way through the song…

Thoroughly enjoyed creating this one as it let me release my creative silliness to put together an awesome song.

You can listen here.

Back to working on the new album…

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