Why Soundcloud deserves your money every month.

Now, first off I want to say this is a “In my opinion” type of post and you may not agree to what I have to say but that’s cool, to each their own.

As a unsigned musician whom uses many music distribution services I would say Soundcloud has risen to be among the best out there, despite it’s rocky past.

I pay monthly for my Pro Unlimited subscription (a fair price of £9.99 per month in the UK) and for that you get so much compared to other distributors like Bandcamp, CD Baby, distrokid etc.

So onto the benefits…

First off with a Pro plan you get unlimited track uploads; so for someone like me that creates a lot of music I don’t have to worry about having to delete an old track to put up a new one, which would be the case on the free version.

You get 3 Dolby mastering allowances a month (A great automated mastering AI which makes your tracks pop that extra amount and well worth using!) After the allowance has been used you would then have to pay for the service until the next month.

You can insert a Paypal donation button which loyal fans can donate on to show appreciation and support for your work.

You get free access to the Repost Network. There is so much you can do on this site. You can monetise your tracks on Soundcloud itself as well as being able to distribute your music to all major online stores and streaming services. You can also submit your tracks to the network’s playlists for them to appear on Soundcloud for those extra streams and attention. You are basically given two amazing services on one subscription plan.

Stats and insights for both Soundcloud and Repost have an easy user interface and update stats daily. Compared to say Distrokid, there is no delay in getting your monetization stats every month.

There is also a great community on Soundcloud. Unlike the big player, Spotify, which is usually everyone’s “go to”, Soundcloud allows people to like, repost and comment on your tracks giving that great feedback that artists need in order to improve and advance their hobby/career. It’s easier to discover new artists on Soundcloud as Spotify usually just promotes more popular artists on their front page playlists.

The Soundcloud app also has a great user interface where I can upload tracks, view my insights/stats and listen to awesome music on the go. With Spotify you have to download a separate “for artists” app which is pretty basic and personally I don’t find the interface that easy or appealing to use… it’s pretty bland.

So would I suggest you get a Soundcloud pro plan straight away? Hell yes! As you could most likely tell I love this service and will be a loyal customer for a long time. They have even introduced a new “verification” program which I’m going to apply for soon.

As I said at the start everyone has their own favourite service that works best for them. I would love to hear what platform you use the most and why you like it?

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