My favourite Photo Editing apps on Android

Pictures are a massive part of modern day life. A picture tells a thousand words so they say. With the accessibility of hundreds of apps to edit photos I’m going to share my personal absolute favourites I use frequently. All these are available on the play store.


Inshot simply put is amazing. I have purchased the pro version which gives you access to all the features but even with the free version you can do so much.

You can edit photos and videos which gives versatility to what you need to do with your media.

Filters and effects are high quality and provide a proffesional finish to any photo edit. My personal favourite filter is the one where you can grayscale an image but just keep one colour (Not sure what the proffesional term for this is… example below).

My daughter with her teddy.

I use Inshot for both my personal and music social media pages to create a bit more flavour to my pictures and videos. I would highly suggest downloading this right now!


If you don’t already know I’m a massive fan of the Retro aesthetic. With Rarevision you can record and turn pre recorded videos into an old VHS home video.

It looks really legit and professional just like the videos when I was a kid haha. So, if you want a bit of history to your videos I would highly recommend this app.


Glitch lab is an awesome app if you want to turn your pictures into funky matrix styled messes.

Simply load up your image and choose how you want to cyberise your image with a vast range of presets and editing options.

Example below of what you could achieve in this cool app:

Instagram itself has a lot of option to edit any normal photos, I could talk about it but I’m pretty sure everyone knows their way around the app.

There is however another app I’d like to mention called Photosplit. Basically it’s a handy tool which helps you create those big Instagram tiled images on your page. Definitely one to look at.

So they are my personal picks. Do you have anymore which you think are amazing? Let me know!

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