So…what I’ve been doing.

So 2020 (the year of unfortunate events) is drawing to a close…thank goodness!

What has my 2020 been like?

Firstly and most importantly something so amazing and special has come from this year for me. My daughter Bailey was born on August 28th, my first child. I love her to pieces. Mainly the reason I suppose why I havent been updating my online socials as much as I’d like as being a new Father is certainly time consuming!

I have released a new album titled “Wife.Daughter.Life”. Available to stream and buy on all major platforms this album (in my own opinion) is my best so far. Deep electronic vibes and catchy melodies you can groove down to. Feel free to listen here.

I have been broadcast on BBC Radio Introducing twice this year. My songs “Summer Child 2020” and “Radio Fetish” were chosen by the team to be aired to many ears around the UK. So chuffed.

What’s next?

I hope to continue producing more quality music and hopefully get another album out in the middle of the year.

I also want to continue being a great husband and father to my family and just make the most of life.

Hopefully 2021 will be kinder to us all, only time will tell…

I’ve also been playing CyberPunk 2077. Been enjoying it so far but vast improvements need to be made soon that’s all I’m saying.

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